Rethinking fashion: the Responsible Collection

Since its creation, the Repetto house has distinguished itself by French and committed manufacturing, as well as by research and innovation.

Recently, a 100% Vegan collection was created. This combines tradition and modernity by favoring materials of plant origin.

Discover the history of Repetto and how the house has revisited its essential models, while maintaining shoes of unrivaled quality, made in France.


French and ethical manufacturing

From the outset, Repetto has chosen to localize its manufacturing in France. Dance slippers and city ballerinas are made in our workshops in Saint-Médard d'Excideuil.

This historic decision made it possible to promote a short circuit and support the local economy, while ensuring the quality and transmission of Repetto know-how.

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Repetto know-how: demanding French craftsmanship

From slippers to shoes, Repettose has always stood out for the quality of its products. This quality is the result of the meticulous work of our artisan makers who have carried out the sewn-and-turn method with mastered gestures since 1947.

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A new Vegan range for innovative shoes

The house uses its unique knowledge of materials to develop a new vegan range, without any material of animal origin.

These new Vegan shoes maintain the quality, comfort and style that Repetto is known for, while featuring new plant-based components.

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The Repetto House
With the reverse stitching, Repetto reveals its genius. A secret know-how, a precious heritage, between hidden gestures and revealed gentleness. The slipper is transformed, a ballet of artisans, a timeless embrace between heaven and earth. In this subtle art, the heritage takes shape, eternal like the star.
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