Dance for Life Foundation

Brazil, EDISCA : School of dance and social integration for children and teenagers. Its aim is to get children off the streets of the Fortaleza shantytown with dance and education.

For Danse pour la Vie, dancer clothes do not only have to be perfect aesthetically, above all it is a real learning tool of quality and self-confidence.To do the right movement when you have the right ballet slippers become easier and the dream is suddenly more attainable.

In 2007, for the 60th anniversary of the brand, Jean-Marc Gaucher, Repetto's CEO, created the foundation 'Danse pour la Vie' with the goal to provide support to dance schools from all over the world which encourage the education and rehabilitation of children through artistic expression.

The aim is to support dance schools throughout the world by promoting the reintegration of children in distress through artistic expression.

"Danse pour la Vie" foundation wishes to associate its name to projects on a human scale that use dance as an education, rehabilitation and personal development tool, the results of which are concrete and clearly visible.

It proposes a unique combination of art and humanitarianism. Because of a lack of money, some children do not dare to go into a dance school because of the expensive costs of the equipment.

Others practice this art with ballet slippers which are so damaged that their dreams to become a prima ballerina fade when their ballet slippers give up and their tights wear out.

This is the reason why the Foundation provides equipment (ballet slippers, pointe shoes, ballerinas, tights, etc) to children in dance schools selected from all over the world (Cuba, Haïti, South Africa, Brazil, Ukraine, amongst others).

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