Exceptional know-how and the "perfect gesture" have been perpetuated in Dordogne, in Saint-Médard-d'Excideuil for more than 70 years. Our craftsmen have always shared the pride of their profession, the love of beautiful materials and attention to detail to make exceptional products by hand.

Shaped by its demands and its quest for excellence, Repetto stands out today as a house in the world of French luxury, a sign of elegance and refinement.

In 1947

On the advice of her son Roland Petit, Madame Rose Repetto set up a tiny dance slipper workshop at 22, rue de la Paix, a stone's throw from the Paris National Opera. Thanks to technical and adapted products, success was immediate. . Dancers from France and Navarre flock to the store, making Repetto the reference in the world of dance.

In 1956

Brigitte Bardot opened the doors of the boutique with an idea in mind: to find a shoe as light as the demi-pointes she wore, but much more becoming and feminine. Madame Repetto then created a unique ballerina, using a technique directly inspired by assembly of dance shoes: sewn inside out. This is how the first Repetto ballerina was born, immediately synonymous with elegance and lightness.

Maison Repetto reinvents itself every day and makes more than 300,000 pairs per year in its workshops in Saint-Médard-d-Excideuil in France.

The object of all desire, La Maison attracts a refined clientele, made up of both dancers and fans of this unique universe.

Constantly renewing itself, La Maison Repetto creates collections with incredible imagination to make women dream.


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